1973 Large Bust Canadian 25-Cent

Rare Canadian Coin

1973 25 Cent Mountie Reverse

1973 Large Bust Canadian 25-Cent

In 1973, the Royal Canadian Mint issued the 25-cent piece to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The 1973 Large Bust Canadian 25-cent was actually one of two varieties introduced that year.

A new obverse was to be introduced with a smaller, more detailed portrait of the Queen and fewer rim beads.  However, an estimated fewer than 10,000 large bust coins were minted using the 1972 obverse.  The large bust variety is also referred to as the mule bust.

The 1973 Canadian 25-cent large bust variety is a rare find but can be found on eBay as an individual piece or part of a PL set for about $300CAD.  As of December 2017, Canadian Coin News values a 1973 Canadian 25-cent large bust in MS-63 state at $750CAD.

The 1973 large bust 25-cent is one of the most coveted Canadian coins for dealers and collectors alike.

1973 Large Bust Canadian 25 Cent