Cardinal Collectibles Store Closes After 12 Years

Canadian Coin Grading

Cardinal Collectibles store closes after Gilles (Jimmy) Cardinal finally retires.

Yes folks, unfortunately, the store has closed after a great run.  My father had been talking about this for a while but kept procrastinating.  At 74, Gilles finally called it quits and packed everything in.  My sister Nadine (of La Madame des Cartes) took over the space in a long awaited expansion move.

This seems like the end of an era with only weekend memories to cherish.  The store had expanded three times over the last 12 years in the Boutiques Marcado, on Montreal’s south shore community of St-Hubert.  It had seemed like one of those few stores that still had a lot of foot traffic.  Unfortunately, all good things must pass.

If you are still looking to add coins to your collection, feel free to navigate our online shop, or check out our ebay store.  If you are trying to reach Gilles Cardinal, just send us a note via the contact form at the top of the page.