Introduction to Coin Grading

Introduction to Coin Grading Most of the experienced coin dealers or re-sellers I see on eBay don’t offer a coin grading in their listings without providing some type of disclaimer that they are not expert […]

Coin Grading

When it comes to coin collecting, I often hear customers discuss among themselves the value of their coins and the fact that no commonly accepted grading standard can be agreed upon.  Often, I hear disputes […]

1973 Large Bust Canadian 25-Cent

1973 Large Bust Canadian 25-Cent In 1973, the Royal Canadian Mint issued the 25-cent piece to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The 1973 Large Bust Canadian 25-cent was […]

Cardinal Collectibles Store Closes After 12 Years

Cardinal Collectibles store closes after Gilles (Jimmy) Cardinal finally retires. Yes folks, unfortunately, the store has closed after a great run.  My father had been talking about this for a while but kept procrastinating.  At […]

The Reason Coin Collecting is on the Fall

Is eBay and the payment card industry killing coin collecting? The sport of coin collecting sure isn’t like it used to be.  With today’s almost cashless shopping, including the use of Interac debit cards, credit […]