US Coins

In addition to our large Canadian coin inventory, we also stock and carry rare US coins for coin collectors abroad.  Please contact us by clicking the contact button at the top of the page to […]

Small 5 Cents

For those who didn’t know, the Royal Mint (London) struck the first Canadian 5 cents, which were entirely of silver between 1858 and 1922.  These coins were consistent with the US decimal 10 cent coins, […]


Toonies are the nickname given to the Canadian 2 dollar coin was introduced in 1996.  The toonie is a beautiful two-piece coin comprised of nickel outer ring and aluminum bronze until 2012.  After 2012 the […]


Loonies refer to the Canadian 1 dollar coin introduced by the Royal Canadian mint in 1987 as the Canadian dollar bill was taken out of circulation.  The Loonie coined its name (no pun intended!) by […]

Nickel Dollars

The Royal Canadian Mint introduced nickel dollars for general circulation in 1968 after they stopped using silver.  Unfortunately, many think that nickel dollars refer to the Loonie, which was introduced in 1987.  The Canadian nickel […]

Silver Dollars

Silver dollars are probably the most sought after coin denomination by coin enthusiasts and collectors alike, if not for their sheer silver value, but for their mystique. The 1947 series include the Blunt and Pointed […]

50 Cents

We have many 50 cents.  If you need a 50 cent piece in silver, nickel, or one of the later ones made mostly of steel you can count on us to probably have it.  If […]

25 Cents

Canadian 25 cents always seem to be in high demand at the store.  Admittedly, 25 cent pieces have a thing about them that make them fun to have.  I refer to these as the most […]

10 Cents

What is it about 10 cents that many keep these collectible pieces the least spoken about? Some notable dates: 1936 dot – only 5 known in existence.  One sold at auction for USD$184,000 1969 Large […]

5 Cents

The larger, base metal Canadian 5 cents became available in 1922, after the tiny version (similar to a dime) was ceased. The 1921 Canadian 5 cent is one of the most rarest of Canadian coins […]

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