Coin Collection Secret – Why You Should Collect Canadian Coins

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 Coin Collection Advice – Why You Should Collect Canadian Coins

Why You Should Consider Collecting Canadian Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has, over the course of its history, produced some of the most sought after coins to be found anywhere.  What makes collecting Canadian coins even more interesting is that they have proved a valuable investment.  Some of the world’s most prestigious coin collections in the world showcases Canadian numismatics.

The value of any coin is usually influenced by different factors including supply and demand, their current state, mintage, and dates and rarity. Most seasoned collectors seek to find coins that can increase in value over time and which are most sought after by other collectors.

Types of Canadian Coins

No matter what kind of collector you are, you can find all kinds of coins to collect, some of which will satisfy your emotional objectives, while some others will help meet financial objectives. For people in the US, getting access to Canadian coins can be a lot easier because of the millions of Americans who travel back and forth across the Canadian border and still continue to do so every single year.

Canadian-minted coins come in several denominations including 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent, Loonie ($1), and the Toonie ($2). You also get the 1 dollar and 2 dollar coins. Canadian coins come with some amazing depictions of culture, nature, and historical figures that have shaped the course of Canada’s evolution.   Many coins honour the Royals.  One of the more prominent figures depicted is Queen Elizabeth II whose Elizabeth Silver dollar remains very popular, fetching anywhere in the region of $2500 upwards.

Some of the most popular Canadian coins

When it comes time to decide which coins you should collect, the sky’s the limit.  Aside from the regular Canadian decimal coins, you’ll have quite the selection.  Keep in mind the RCM releases coins intended for the collector and dealer.  Some of the most valued coins include the Rare Canadian Victorian Quarters particularly the rare 25 cent coin ones which tend to be more valuable than the Edwardian coins.

Other rare coins include the 1921 50 Cent piece, the 1937 Canadian 25 Cent, the 1973 25 Cent large bust, not to mention the 1991 25 cent, due to its very low mintage of about 459,000 as compared to about 32,000,000 minted in the previous year.

The 2007-2010 Olympic Quarters which were minted to commemorate the 2010 Olympic Games are also popular. Bi-Centennial coins and war-time coins are also some of the most sought after Canadian coins.

Places to purchase Canadian coins

Canadian coins are widely available from coin dealers on internet sites and at coin dealerships. Some dealers specialize exclusively in Canadian coins and have large collections with many varieties to choose from. The RCM even sells most of their directly.  Whatever your preference, Canadian coins I’m sure, will still remain some of the best you can acquire for your collection for years to come.

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