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The Reason Coin Collecting is on the Fall

1888 Canadian Large Cent - Coin Collecting

Is eBay and the payment card industry killing coin collecting?

The sport of coin collecting sure isn’t like it used to be.  With today’s almost cashless shopping, including the use of Interac debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, it’s no wonder that younger coin collectors are hard to come by.

Today’s younger coin collectors seem to almost come exclusively from inherited collections or from collectors close to a living grandparent who actively collects.  This is usually a grandfather most of the time.

When I began, I had a weekly newspaper run, which the subscribers paid almost exclusively in cash.  At this time in 1982, there were still many silver coins available and I wouldn’t be surprised to find an old 1920s or 1930s penny on the ground.  Today’s newspaper subscribers pay almost exclusively by credit card, making it much more difficult for new coin collectors today to come up with wish lists and go out and hunt down their coins.  Unless you visit eBay’s website or visit a church bazar hosting several coin dealers and their coin collection filled tables, I think this is a dying sport, much like stamp-collecting.

Even Google Trends is showing the slow down of related coin collecting searches on Google over the past 5 years.

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