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50 Cents

Canadian 50 Cent

We have many 50 cents.  If you need a 50 cent piece in silver, nickel, or one of the later ones made mostly of steel you can count on us to probably have it.  If not, make a request and we will try to source it for you. Canadian 50 cent pieces were struck between 1908 and the present (2013).  Did you know only 28,000 pieces were struck between 1921 and 1929 making 50 cent pieces minted these years very rare and exceptionally sought after.  Furthermore, the Mint melted the stock coins they had in 1920 and 1921 for the public’s perception that there wouldn’t appear to have too many of these coins on the market, suggesting there were counterfeit coins circulating.  Click on the link button if you are looking for 50 cents.   1912 Canadian 50 Cent VG - 50 Cents

Canadian 50 Cent Piece

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1912 Canada 50 Cent VG

1912 Canadian 50 Cent VG

1912 Canadian 50 Cent VG - 1912 Canada 50 Cent VG

1912 Canada 50 Cent VG


This is a Very Good grade 1912 Canada 50 Cent piece.  Many intermediate collectors covet these pieces as they are beginning to show their rarity.  While obviously not as rare as the 2000-P series, this is still a nice piece for anybody’s collection.

If you are interested in this piece, please let us know (contact button at the top of the page).

Please contact us if you are also looking for different years.  We do not yet have our entire collection on our site yet.  If you want more specific photos, please contact us.  This 1912 Canada 50 Cent is Very Good grade and the only one we have.


1912 Canadian 50 Cent VG