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Silver Dollars

1961 Canadian Silver Dollar

Silver dollars are probably the most sought after coin denomination by coin enthusiasts and collectors alike, if not for their sheer silver value, but for their mystique.

The 1947 series include the Blunt and Pointed 7 and  the Maple Leaf issue, while the Arnprior varieties (1950-1952, 1957). are still just as popular.

The 1982 planchet series (like the nickel dollar of the same year) featured the coin on a rolled thin planchet.  The normal planchet has a weight of 15.62 grams, a diameter of 32.13 mm, and a thickness of 2.50 mm. The thin planchet consists of incomplete reeding. Its weight is 7.78 grams, a diameter of 31.82 mm, and a thickness of 1.50 mm. As with its nickel dollar successor, only two are known to exist.

1961 Canadian Silver Dollar

Canadian Silver Dollars