Why is the 1991 Canadian 25 Cent So Valuable?

1991 Canadian 25 Cent Reverse - Cardinal Collectibles

Why is the 1991 Canadian Quarter Worth So Much?

Did you know there were only 459,000 25 cent pieces minted for 1991’s circulation strikes making the 1991 Canadian 25 cent so valuable?

This is compared to 31,258,000 in 1990 to 153,000,000 in 1992.  1992 was a commemorative year featuring strikes for each of the Canadian provinces and territories.  It turns out that the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has minted an average of 69,000,000 25 cent coins every year.

Some consider 1991 a key date, however, I beg to differ.  If you compare the number of coins struck in 1991 for the 25 cent comparatively, you’ll notice a huge discrepancy for the 25 cent.

While other decimal coins struck numbers well into the millions, the 25 cent saw far fewer minted.

This is one of the coins that I keep me from going full debit card payments.  I like to pay for items say under $20 with cash so I can get change back.  I’ve often found great gems of coins over the years.  Sure, these coins are circulated, but as the most passionate of coin collectors know, it is the sport of finding the coin, cataloguing it, then mentally etching permanently in memory, the story behind it.

Should you have kept rolls of these quarters when they were minted, figure they are worth at least $18 (brilliant uncirculated condition, of course) apiece.  That’s over $700CAD per roll!

At $18 per quarter, that’s $720 per roll.  If the value appreciates to $20 a coin, that would be $800 per roll!

Why is the 1991 Canadian 25 Cent So Valuable?