Lot of 11 Canadian Cents 1940-1949 Including 1947ML – All in VG Condition


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This is a small 11 piece lot of Canadian Small Cents in Very Good condition. 1940 – Condition:  Very Good 1941 – Condition:  Very Good 1942 – Condition:  Very Good 1943 -Condition:  Very Good 1944 -Condition:  Very Good 1945 – Condition:  Very Good 1946 – Condition:  Very Good 1947 – Condition:  Very Good 1947ML – Condition:  Very Good – This is the Maple Leaf Variant 1948 – Condition:  Very Good 1949 – Condition:  Very Good

Lot of 11 Canadian Cents 1940-1949 Including 1947ML – All in VG Condition

History of the Canadian Small Cent Canadian small cents were first produced in 1920, and became known as the penny to the rest of the world, has become the cornerstone piece that young collectors begin amassing.  While small cents were  abolished and taken out of circulation, there are still many collectors we hear from who are trying to locate them and store for the long term. Some notable small cents include the 1936 dot version which is as rare and sought after as the 1921 50 cent piece.  What is special about the 1936 dot cent is that there are only for known specimens, which were produced with a dot to indicate they had been struck while there had been a change in Kings (from Edward VIII to George VI).  A 1936 dot cent was sold at auction for $400,000. 


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